Replica swords for sale - replica swords

Video Game Swords

 Video Games Swords are manufactured from durable materials and are made to look as close to the original as possible with a scabbard, sheath, display stand or plaque. 

Replica swords for sale - replica swords

Mediveal Swords

Dating back to the 5th century, medieval swords have stuck around for a reason; quality and reliability. At, we carry a wide variety of medieval swords for sale

Replica swords for sale - replica swords

Axes & Helmets offers the largest selection of Axes and Helmets replicas in the market. Adding Gimli helmet & Axes of viking to your collection!

Final Fantasy Swords

We provides the Signature Weapons of those characters that are playing a leading role in the different Video Games. Such as the Buster Swords are weapons that first appeared in Final Fantasy VII and have since appeared in several other games in the series.


Overlength Blade

Buster sword has 43.5" blade


Multi Blades

Dismanelable 4 small blades


Free Shipping

World wide free shipping


Wooden Stand

Free wooden stand 

Customer Reviews

Ordered a harry potter sword for christmas. It arrived earlier than i expected. The Quality is great real like the sword shown in the movie.
Replica swords for sale - replica swords
Mila Kunis

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I purchased Sting Sword for my son. At the first sight, I wasn't expecting such a top-notch real-looking sword. I would definately recommend!
Replica swords for sale - replica swords
Mike Sendler

Lord Of The Rings Swords

We offer the largest selection of Lord of the Rings swords and replicas on the market. Add Anduril the Sword of Aragorn and the Staff of Gandalf to your collection, right now! Each is a replica of the filming prop used by the actor in the films. Hold the actual Horn of Gondor in your hand!

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