www.replicaswords.us gathers the personal information about you which is used and shared by us and we appreciate your trust on the site. Now we will tell you how we do these things in our privacy policy. You accept this policy as it is when you visit our site www.replicaswords.us.

What personal information is gathered by www.replicaswords.us?

That information which we get from our customers helps us to analyze the personal experience and improving your interaction withwww.replicaswords.us. Following types of information we collect:

Information that you provide us:

We collect and receive all the information that you give us on our website or through any other means. We use this information for following purposes like answering your requests, improving our products, product offerings and our website.

Automatic information:

We collect and save particular information when you are in contact with us. For example like many other websites we use cookies and we collect certain type of information when you web browser visits www.replicaswords.us.

Email communications:

One useful and very interesting way to help us is sending us email. We often receive a confirmation whenever you open an email sent bywww.replicaswords.us and this is possible only when your computer contains such features.

What to do with cookies?

Cookies are the tools that www.replicaswords.us provides to your computer’s hard drive by the means of your web browser which will permit our systems to identify your browser and to give you personalized logins for the store items for your shopping chart during the visits.

On most browsers the help portion of the tool bar will tell you how to keep safe your browser from new cookies, how the browser will be enabled to inform you about receiving new cookies, or how to disable the cookies completely. All cookies are helpful for an easy and enriched shopping experience so we advise you to turn them on.

Does www.replicaswords.us share the information it receives?

www.replicaswords.us is not a name of selling information to the outsiders. We just share following information relating to the customer as listed below.

Agents: we hired other companies and persons to perform the duties on your demand. Examples are processing credit card payments. They will require your personal data to do their duties but they cannot use it for any other purpose.

Protection of www.replicaswords.us and the others: When we think its suitable to reveal an account and the personal information we reveal it, to comply with the requirements of the law, or to apply our terms and conditions and agreements, or to secure the property, rights or the protection of www.replicaswords.us or the others. In this scenario, avoiding from fraud and credit risk minimization is the main cause. Somehow this does not mean to disclosing or selling, renting, and sharing the personal information of the customers for business purposes in violation of all the term present and set forth in this policy notice.

How secure is information about me?

We pay a special attention for the security of your personal information by using SSL (secure sockets layer) software during our transmission. We just show the last five numbers of your credit cards when to confirm an order. Yes definitely we pass through the entire credit card number to the appropriate credit card company whenever to process an order. It is very important to you to keep away all the unauthorized means from your computer. You should be signing off properly when you use a shared computer.


www.replicaswords.us does not sale the products to the children. Only adults can purchase though www.replicaswords.us. If anyone who is under the age of 18 years, will have to purchase through its guardian or parents.

Self-identifying information:

When you talk about customer service you have to provide such information. For example when you place an order to www.replicaswords.us you have to provide your account information, your second email address if you use more than one, you might have to communicate with us through email, phone or by any other means, or can participate in any other suggested source. When you provide such operations, you might have to give us the information like, your name, your address, your credit card number, the persons to whom purchases must be shipped, along with the address and product references.

Automatic information:

Information we require and process are login information, your IP address that you use to connect your computer with internet, operating system and platform, email address, password, your browser type and version, purchase history, the uniform resource locator (URL) click stream to and through our website, cookies, date and time, and the product you watched and searched for. During the visits we may use java script to measure and gather session information which may include, download errors, page response times, page interaction information like ( clicks, mouse over, scrolling), and the methods adopted to browse the page.

Our policy overview:

We are proud to be a service based company and we work hard to repeat to satisfy the clients.

That is why we go above and high and high to secure this point that every customer could gain honest, accurate and professional service with fluency. Whenever you make an order, on every step of the order, from browsing our site to receiving the purchase, you will praise our service that makes replicaswords.us truly unique from others. If you find any problem with our products, you may suggest us to rectify that problem and we will make a solution according to your wishes. We have put following policies for you and for our company in order to protect the interests of both of us. The basic purpose of these policies is to secure and give frequent and low priced service to our customers and to protect our customers from limitless and unnecessary losses.

In products listing any condition can override these policies.

Legal disclaimer, waiver of liability and indemnity agreement:

You must attain the age of 18 to purchase any item from our site even if the item is not a weapon. Some laws are there, which may require the age of 21 for receiving the product. Proper know how of local, federal, state, and international laws is the responsibility of the buyer. On purchasing any item from sword kingdom, the buyer expressly warrants that he or she is in full compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations relating to the purchase, ownership and the use of the item. This will be the buyer’s duty to fulfill all the requirements of the state, federal and local laws relating to the sales of items illustrated, listed or sold. The buyer expressly agrees that he will be harmless to replicaswords.us and will indemnify for all the claims which will directly or indirectly arise from purchase, ownership or the use of any item in violation of local, state, or federal laws and regulations.

Copyright and trade mark notice:

All the contents on www.replicaswords.us containing, graphics, button icons, text, logos, images, digital downloads, software and data compilations, are in the ownership of the www.replicaswords.us or its connected suppliers and are secured by united states and the copyright laws. The full content compilation on this site is entire property of thewww.replicaswords.us and secured by international copyright laws and the U.S. All the software and related applications used in this site is the property of the www.replicaswords.us and are protected by international copyright laws and by the U.S.

Other contents present on the www.replicaswords.us are the registered trademarks of the replicaswords.us. In other countries along with U.S., Trademarks of www.replicaswords.us may not be used in any relation with any service or product that is not in the s scope of replicaswords.us, in any manner which is likely to create confusion among the customers or in any other manner that discredits or displeases the www.replicaswords.us .

All other trademarks which are not within the scope ofwww.replicaswords.us and are appearing on the site, belong to the property of their concerning owners, and who may or may not be concerned with, or connected with, or sponsored by www.replicaswords.us.

Defected Merchandise:

If a product is not as advertised or is in some type of defect and your desire is to return the product, you have to contact us within the time of 15 days after receiving the product. All such returned products must be in their original packing and must be in the same condition in which they were received.

We will give you a full refund after deducting any handling, shipping, and customs duty.

No restocking fees will be charged on returning of defective products.

Whenever it will be reasonable for us we will exchange products for non-defective item instead of giving refunds.