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The hobbit swords, also known as the swords of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, have become iconic symbols of the Middle Earth fantasy world created by J.R.R. Tolkien. These swords have captured the imaginations of fans all over the world and have become highly coveted collectibles. At, we offer a range of hobbit swords that are expertly crafted to be both functional and visually stunning.

Here Is The List Of All characters From The Hobbit Movie:

  1. Bilbo Baggins - A hobbit who is thrust into an epic adventure with dwarves and wizards.
  2. Gandalf the Grey - A wise and powerful wizard who guides Bilbo and the dwarves on their quest.
  3. Thorin Oakenshield - Leader of the company of dwarves, determined to reclaim Erebor.
  4. Fíli - Thorin's nephew, a skilled warrior and member of the company.
  5. Kíli - Thorin's nephew, a skilled warrior and member of the company.
  6. Dwalin - A seasoned dwarf warrior on the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.
  7. Balin - A seasoned dwarf warrior on the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.
  8. Óin - A seasoned dwarf warrior on the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.
  9. Glóin - A seasoned dwarf warrior on the quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain.
  10. Dori - A dwarf known for his strength and protective nature.
  11. Nori - A dwarf known for his stealth and cunning.
  12. Ori - A young dwarf with a talent for drawing maps and records.
  13. Bifur - A dwarf with a distinctive axe-blade embedded in his head, affecting his speech.
  14. Bofur - A good-natured dwarf with a penchant for singing and playing musical instruments.
  15. Bombur - A rotund dwarf known for his love of food and jovial nature.
  16. Gollum (Smeagol) - A complex character with a split personality, obsessed with the One Ring.
  17. Elrond - Lord of Rivendell, wise and powerful elf who aids the company.
  18. Galadriel - Queen of Lothlórien, an elf of great wisdom and power.
  19. Saruman - The head of the White Council and a powerful wizard, later corrupted by his lust for power.
  20. Radagast the Brown - A gentle and eccentric wizard with a deep connection to nature.
  21. Legolas - An elf prince known for his exceptional archery skills and agility.
  22. Tauriel - A skilled warrior elf known for her compassion and courage.
  23. Thranduil - The Elvenking of Mirkwood, known for his guarded nature.
  24. Bard the Bowman - A skilled archer from Lake-town who plays a crucial role in the story.
  25. Master of Lake-town (Alfrid Lickspittle) - The corrupt ruler of Lake-town, known for his greed.
  26. Tilda - Bard's daughter, who plays an important role in Lake-town's fate.
  27. Sigrid - Bard's daughter, who plays an important role in Lake-town's fate.
  28. Bain - Bard's son, who plays an important role in Lake-town's fate.
  29. Azog the Defiler - An orc chieftain and relentless enemy of the company.
  30. Bolg - Azog's son and a formidable orc warrior.
  31. Smaug (voice) - The fearsome dragon guarding the Lonely Mountain's treasure hoard.
  32. Beorn - A skin-changer who aids the company with his formidable bear form.
  33. The Necromancer (Sauron) - A powerful dark force lurking in Mirkwood, later revealed as Sauron.
  34. Goblin King - The grotesque ruler of the goblins in the Misty Mountains.
  35. Azog's Warg - A large, fearsome wolf-like creature ridden by Azog.

Here are some key features of our hobbit swords:

  • Intricate engravings: The hilts of our hobbit swords are adorned with intricate engravings that reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail of the hobbit blacksmiths. These engravings add a touch of whimsy and authenticity to the swords.

  • Durable and sharp blades: Our hobbit swords are made with durable and sharp blades that can withstand the rigors of battle or cosplay. Whether you're using the sword for LARPing or just as a display piece, you can trust that it will remain in pristine condition.

  • Authentic designs: We have worked closely with experts and fans of Middle Earth to ensure that our hobbit swords are as authentic as possible. From the shape and size of the blade to the materials used, we have paid attention to every detail to bring you the most authentic hobbit swords on the market.

  • Display-worthy: In addition to being functional, our hobbit swords are also perfect for display. Whether you want to hang them on your wall or showcase them in your collection, these swords will surely draw admiring glances from visitors.

  • Versatile: Our hobbit swords can be used for a variety of purposes, from cosplay to live action role play to simply adding to your collection. No matter how you plan to use your hobbit sword, you can trust that it will be a reliable and impressive addition to your arsenal.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types of The Hobbit replica swords available, including:

Sting: Bilbo’s Elvish dagger Glamdring: Gandalf’s sword Orcrist: Thorin’s sword Andúril: Aragorn’s sword Thranduil’s sword

The Hobbit replica swords are typically made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel and wood. They are often hand-crafted and assembled with great care.

The cost of The Hobbit replica swords can vary depending on the type of sword, the materials used, and the level of detail. However, they are generally priced between $50 and $500.

The Hobbit replica swords can be purchased from a variety of retailers, both online and offline. Some popular retailers include Amazon, eBay, and specialty sword shops.

The Hobbit replica swords are typically not sharp, as they are intended for display or cosplay purposes. However, some retailers do offer sharpening services for an additional fee.

Yes, The Hobbit replica swords are legal to own in most countries. However, it is always best to check with your local laws and regulations before purchasing a replica sword.

No, The Hobbit replica swords are not designed for sparring. They are made of delicate materials that could easily be damaged.

To care for your The Hobbit replica sword, simply wipe it down with a dry cloth after each use. You can also apply a thin coat of oil to the blade to prevent rusting.