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Blue Exorcist is a popular Japanese anime and manga series written and illustrated by Kazue Kato. The series follows the story of Rin Okumura, a teenager who discovers he is the son of Satan. Rin must learn to control his demonic powers and use them to become an exorcist, fighting to protect the world from demons.


The Blue Exorcist manga began serialization in Shueisha's Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine in 2009. The series has been collected into 26 tankōbon volumes as of April 2023. An anime adaptation of the manga was produced by A-1 Pictures and aired in Japan from April to October 2011. A second season of the anime aired from January to July 2017. A feature film, Blue Exorcist: The Movie, was released in Japan in December 2015.

The Series:

Blue Exorcist unfolds in a world where humans and demons coexist, with an intricate balance between the two realms. Rin Okumura, seemingly an ordinary teenager, harbors a hidden truth – he is the son of Satan. Following the tragic demise of his guardian, Shiro Fujimoto, at the hands of Satan, Rin awakens his demonic powers and is thrust into a world of supernatural conflicts. Yukio, Shiro's brother, takes Rin under his wing, guiding him as he embarks on a journey to master his demonic abilities and become an exorcist.

Famous Characters:

Beyond Rin and Yukio, Blue Exorcist introduces a diverse cast of characters, each playing a significant role in the unfolding narrative. Among these notable figures are:

  • Mephisto Pheles: A cunning and enigmatic demon, Mephisto Pheles oversees True Cross Academy, an esteemed exorcist training ground.

  • Amaimon: One of Satan's eight powerful kings, Amaimon is renowned for his ruthless and sadistic nature.

  • Shima Ryuji: A fellow exorcist and Rin's rival, Shima Ryuji possesses a strong sense of justice and unwavering determination.

  • Izumo Kamiki: A quiet and reserved girl, Izumo Kamiki is a skilled exorcist who grapples with a cursed katana.

Popular Swords:

Blue Exorcist features an array of iconic swords, each imbued with unique powers and abilities. Some of the most prominent swords include:

  • Kurikara: Rin Okumura's katana, Kurikara holds the power to suppress his demonic powers, allowing him to harness them for good.

  • Kochin: Yukio Okumura's katana, Kochin is infused with holy flames, capable of exorcising demons with devastating effect.

  • Gamowari: Shima Ryuji's katana, Gamowari is said to have been wielded by the legendary exorcist, Shima Yoshihiko.

  • Usumidare: Izumo Kamiki's katana, Usumidare is rumored to be cursed, bringing misfortune upon its wielder.


Blue Exorcist has captivated audiences worldwide with its action-packed supernatural narrative, compelling characters, and stunning artwork. The series has garnered immense popularity, establishing itself as a cornerstone of the anime and manga genres. As the story continues to unfold, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in Rin's extraordinary journey, filled with electrifying battles, captivating challenges, and the ever-present struggle between good and evil.

The best Blue Exorcist replica sword depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, some of the most popular replica swords include the Kurikara, Kochin, Gamowari, and Usumidare. These swords are all made from high-quality materials and are replicas of the swords used by the characters in the Blue Exorcist manga and anime.

There are many different types of Blue Exorcist replica swords available, including katanas, wakizashis, and tanto. Katanas are the most popular type of sword, and they are typically used by Rin Okumura and Yukio Okumura. Wakizashis are shorter swords, and they are typically used by Shima Ryuji and Izumo Kamiki. Tanto are small, dagger-like swords, and they are typically used for self-defense.

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