When the Expendables draw their swords, you know it’s time for some serious steel. These aren’t just swords; they’re instruments of justice wielded by the ultimate mercenaries.

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In the realm of action cinema, few films have captured the essence of old-school machismo and gun-blazing action quite like "The Expendables" franchise. This series, helmed by Sylvester Stallone, has brought together an ensemble cast of legendary action heroes, each with their own distinct arsenal of weaponry. Among the many weapons wielded by these Expendables, swords hold a special place, symbolizing the grit, skill, and sheer brutality that define these mercenary warriors.

The Expendable Movie Swords for sale

The Expendables: A Journey Through Swords and Mercenaries

Swords have been a staple of action cinema since its inception, and "The Expendables" is no exception. These bladed weapons represent a primal form of combat, evoking a sense of danger, power, and close-quarters violence that resonates with audiences worldwide. In the Expendables universe, swords serve not just as tools of war but also as symbols of the mercenaries' personalities and fighting styles.

Famous Characters and Their Swords

Each of the Expendables' main characters boasts a signature sword that reflects their unique combat prowess. Let's explore the swords wielded by some of the most iconic Expendables:

  1. Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone): Barney, the leader of the Expendables, wields a custom-made Bowie knife, a versatile and intimidating weapon. The Bowie's large blade and ergonomic handle make it ideal for both close-quarters combat and throwing.

  2. Hale Caesar (Terry Crews): Hale, the Expendables' demolitions expert, favors a unique weapon – a custom-made straight razor. While traditionally used for shaving, Hale wields his razor with deadly precision, slicing through enemies with ease.

  3. Lee Christmas (Jason Statham): Lee, the Expendables' skilled hand-to-hand combat specialist, prefers a more traditional sword – a Japanese katana. The katana's sharpness and speed perfectly complement Lee's agile fighting style.

  4. Gunnar Jensen (Dolph Lundgren): Gunnar, the Expendables' hulking strongman, opts for a massive two-handed battle axe, a weapon that matches his imposing stature and brute strength. The axe's sheer size and weight allow Gunnar to deliver devastating blows.

  5. Toll Road (Randy Couture): Toll Road, the Expendables' stoic demolition expert, carries a Kukri knife, a Nepalese weapon known for its curved blade and devastating chopping power. The Kukri's versatility makes it a formidable tool in Toll Road's hands.

Famous Swords in Action

The Expendables franchise has showcased some of the most memorable sword fights in action cinema history. These sequences blend technical skill, visceral action, and electrifying choreography, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

One of the most iconic sword duels in the series occurs in "The Expendables 2" between Barney Ross and James Munroe (Eric Roberts). Their confrontation showcases the raw intensity and brutal efficiency of the Expendables' combat style.

Another noteworthy sword fight takes place in "The Expendables 3" between Lee Christmas and Hector (Victor Ortiz). This duel highlights Lee's mastery of the katana, as he dispatches his opponents with swift, precise strikes.


Swords play a significant role in the Expendables franchise, adding an extra layer of grit, danger, and excitement to the action-packed narrative. These weapons not only serve as tools of combat but also symbolize the Expendables' unwavering determination, skill, and unwavering commitment to their mission. As the Expendables continue to face new threats and challenges, their swords will undoubtedly remain as integral to their identity as their guns and explosives.


The most iconic swords used in The Expendables franchise include:

  • Barney Ross’s custom-made Bowie knife
  • Hale Caesar’s custom-made straight razor
  • Lee Christmas’s Japanese katana
  • Gunnar Jensen’s massive two-handed battle axe
  • Toll Road’s Kukri knife

The fighting styles associated with each Expendable’s sword are as follows:

  • Barney Ross: Aggressive and unpredictable, relying on the Bowie knife’s versatility and power.

  • Hale Caesar: Precise and ruthless, utilizing the straight razor’s sharpness and speed.

  • Lee Christmas: Agile and fluid, employing the katana’s precision and deadly edge.

  • Gunnar Jensen: Brutal and domineering, wielding the battle axe’s immense power.

  • Toll Road: Efficient and practical, utilizing the Kukri knife’s chopping power and versatility.

Some of the most memorable sword fights in The Expendables franchise include:

  • Barney Ross vs. James Munroe in “The Expendables 2”

  • Lee Christmas vs. Hector in “The Expendables 3”

  • Gunner Jensen vs. a group of mercenaries in “The Expendables”

  • Toll Road vs. a prison guard in “The Expendables 4”

Swords contribute to the gritty, action-packed, and old-school machismo that defines The Expendables franchise. They represent the characters’ raw power, skill, and willingness to engage in close-quarters combat.

Toll Road’s Kukri knife is the most versatile sword in the franchise. Its curved blade, chopping power, and adaptability make it a valuable tool for both combat and demolition, reflecting Toll Road’s diverse skillset.