Star Trek Strange New Worlds Is Coming

Star Trek Strange New Worlds Is Coming 1

Prepare to get back to the Enterprise with Pike, Number One, Spock, and the remainder of the team with Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. The forthcoming series will follow the undertakings of the Enterprise’s unique team well before James T. Kirk was skipper. Fans are enthusiastically counting during the time until the debut – we are as well! – So we’re gathering together all that we are familiar series up to this point.

Anson Mount, Rebecca Romijn, and Ethan Peck individually star as Pike, Number One, and Spock, repeating their jobs from Discovery. These characters were presented in the first Star Trek series, and these entertainers were projected in the jobs for the second period of Discovery in 2019. After a positive fan reaction, Kurtzman communicated interest in bringing the entertainers back in their own side project series. Improvement had started by March 2020, and it was formally requested in May. The lead cast, title, and imaginative group were affirmed then, at that point, including Goldsman and Henry Alonso Myers as showrunners. Babs Olusanmokun, Christina Chong, Celia Rose Gooding, Jess Bush, Melissa Navia, and Bruce Horak additionally star in the series. Recording occurred at CBS Stages Canada in Mississauga, Ontario, from February to October 2021, with extra shooting in New Mexico.

Bruce Horak as Hemmer: An Aenar official on board the Enterprise. Aenar are a pale skinned person subspecies of Andorians that are for the most part portrayed as visually impaired, and Horak is visually impaired in one eye with restricted sight in the other.

Also, Paul Wesley has been projected in the job of James T. Kirk for the subsequent season

Peck said the characters will advance in Strange New Worlds from their depictions in Discovery to be nearer to their unique manifestations, which he portrayed “overall new test” Perez depicted Pike and Number One as the “parental figures” of the Enterprise, especially to Spock since he is “not the shrewd, old Spock from The Original Series, still tracking down himself”


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