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How Heavy and Long is guts Dragon Slayer Sword In Berserk?

length of guts sword

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The Berserk Guts Dragon Slayer Sword is a well-known weapon used by the protagonist of the manga and anime series “Berserk” – Guts. It has been a significant part of the story since its introduction in 1989 and has become a symbol for the franchise. The Sword is recognized for its large size, weight, and impressive strength.

How Heavy Is Guts’ Sword In Berserk?

Fans have attempted to estimate this oversized Sword’s weight through online sources. The blade is most likely around 220 pounds or 99.8 kg. However, on the wiki, it is stated to be about 400 pounds, and some Reddit users calculated it to be around 625 pounds or 283.5KG. Others believe it weighs approximately 300 pounds or 130 kilograms.

This estimation is based on Guts’ ability to destroy the Armor and weapons of human opponents using the Dragon slayer’s weight during fights.

Kentaro Miura, the manga artist, ensured that the Sword’s weight was noticeable to readers. Guts’ movements suggest that he wields a heavy and powerful weapon. In battle, the Dragonslayer easily crushes anyone it hits. It weighs every aspect. Unlike swords in other manga like Vinland Saga or Bleach, the Dragonslayer has immense momentum as it forcefully strikes enemies, cutting them with its rough iron edge.

What’s the Length Of Guts’ Sword In Berserk?

Fans have estimated the height of the Dragonslayer sword based on Guts’ size. Guts is approximately 6’3″ or 190 centimeters or 1.90 meters tall. The Sword is believed to measure between 60 to 72 inches or 150 to 182 centimeters long. The Sword is likely around 71 inches, towards the higher end of the range. This height makes the Dragonslayer sword comparable to the average size of most adult men. This is a distinctive feature that sets it apart from both fictional and real swords.

The size of Guts’ Sword gives him advantages in combat. It is long enough to reach opponents and strike first quickly. Guts often land the first and final blows because few swords can match or surpass the reach of the Dragonslayer. The Dragonslayer is not only long but also thick and wide. This allows Guts to use the flat side of the Sword as a makeshift shield. The immense length of the Dragonslayer gives Guts more momentum and leverage when he swings it at an enemy.

How feasibly can Guts wield his Sword?

Guts is 6’3 feet tall or 190 centimeters and weighs 240 pounds or 110 kilograms. His physique is composed of pure muscle. He has various weapons and symbols, including the Berserker Armor, Cannon Arm, and Brand of Sacrifice. Guts is a formidable force.

The Berserk Armor is durable. It boosts strength and speed. It enhances Guts’ abilities and aggression. It makes him more efficient with the Dragon Slayer. The Armor allows the wearer to ignore pain. It incites intense bloodlust. Guts use the Cannon Arm as a prosthetic. He lost his left Arm to the Berserker Armor. The Arm can double up as a miniature cannon. It allows the wearer to shoot cannonballs. If Guts mounts the repeater crossbow, he can shoot multiple arrows quickly.

Guts has had experience with more giant swords and heavy weapons since a young age, so it is not surprising that he can effectively handle the massive Sword Dragon Slayer with the assistance of the Berserker Armor and Cannon Arm.

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The Black Swordsman uses different sides of the Sword for various purposes. This is the most practical and effective way for Guts to use Dragon Slayer. Only the main hero is typically given the largest and most impressive swords in fictional media. This common storytelling technique, BFS, is seen in many different media types.

Guts is a character in Berserk who is considered a Chosen One. His abilities and stature make him capable of effectively wielding the Dragon Slayer. However, an average human can’t wield this Sword.

What makes the Dragon Slayer unique?

The Dragon Slayer Sword symbolizes power and justice in the “Berserk” universe, and its design has become iconic among fans. It is a two-handed great sword with a double-edged blade. The hilt features a unique black-and-red patterned wrapping. The overall design of the Sword suggests a medieval aesthetic, although its size and weight make it suitable for modern combat.

The Dragon Slayer Sword is known to be incredibly durable and sharp, with its legendary blade capable of slicing through flesh and metal like butter. It also possesses some magical abilities that give it an edge in battle, such as cleaving through magical barriers.


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