Unleash the Power of Dragon Slayer with Berserk’s Mighty Iron Sword – The Origin!

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Guts (Japanese: ガッツ, Hepburn: Gattsu, sometimes romanized as Güts) (Japanese: ガッツ, Hepburn: Gattsu, sometimes romanized as Güts), the protagonist from the manga Berserk by Kentaro Miura, wields a powerful weapon known as the Dragon Slayer sword. It symbolizes Guts’ determination to fight evil. But where did it come from, and what does it mean to Guts? Let’s explore the origin and power of the Dragon Slayer and its important role in Guts’ quest for revenge. This remarkable sword was created by the skilled blacksmith Godo. The King wanted a sword that could kill a dragon. Godo crafted a heavy greatsword to decapitate a dragon with a single strike.

Unravelling the Mysteries of the Dragon Slayer:

The Dragon Slayer’s origins could be more impressive. It was created by a blacksmith named Godo, who lived in the wilderness of the Midland kingdom. Godo was known for his exceptional craftsmanship. However, the creation of the Dragon Slayer was not a result of a grand quest or divine intervention; rather, it is believed to have been fashioned from ordinary iron ore by a blacksmith known as Berserk.

Kentaro Miura’s Influence:

During the development of Berserk, Miura initially planned for the protagonist to wield a Japanese sword and be placed in a medieval European setting. However, this concept was later abandoned in favour of the Dragon Slayer, and the cannon integrated into Guts’ left arm, which has become an iconic element of the series. While some modifications were made to the sword’s design between the prototype and the final manga, several similarities were retained.

Creation of the Design:

The Dragon Slayer in the final Berserk manga has a simpler design than its predecessor. It has a trapezoidal pommel, a plain hilt wrapped in cloth, a semicircular guard with a ridge, and a large double-edged blade that tapers towards a pointed tip. In Berserk: The Prototype, Guts wields it one-handed instead of two-handed. Miura observed that many depictions of oversized blades in media did not consider the force and physical effort required to swing such a heavy object.

The design of an oversized blade required Miura to consider aspects such as force and physicality to create a realistic representation of wielding it. Its use symbolizes both brute strength and defiance due to its size. This uniqueness adds an extra dimension to Guts’ character and adds mystery to his origins.

God tried to create powerful gods by giving them mysterious powers. However, the attempt failed. He couldn’t find any dragons, and the sword he made was too big and heavy to be practical. As a result, the Dragon Slayer became nothing more than a decoration, sitting unused in Godo’s workshop.

Guts and the Dragon Slayer Sword:

Guts needed a new weapon after his original sword broke in battle. He asked Godo for a replacement and received a fine blade. However, it wasn’t enough to defeat the apostles. In a desperate move, Guts grabbed the seemingly useless Dragon Slayer. To everyone’s surprise, he defeated the apostle with its deadly cutting edge.

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Guts recognized the Dragon Slayer as his ideal weapon, and it became essential to his journey. Despite its impracticality in terms of its large and heavy nature, Guts skillfully wielded the Dragon Slayer with unmatched strength, using it to seek revenge against his enemies.


Malice Unleashed: A Tempered Journey


Guts use his sword as his main weapon. He fights evil spirits with it at night. The sword becomes stronger over time due to the beings Guts has killed. It can now fight powerful entities like the Sea God or the God Hand. Ordinary weapons can’t harm Astral beings, but the Dragon Slayer can.


During the battle in Vritannis, Guts, Schierke, and the Kundalini fought. Daiba, a Kushna sorcerer, summoned the Kundalini. Schierke used the Wheel of Flame to give power to Guts, and he dealt a fatal blow to the Astral serpent. The appearance of the Kushna emperor Ganishka in his fog form showed the sword’s ability. Guts could damage the apostle, even though Zodd’s attacks were useless against Ganishka. This is strong evidence of the weapon’s power against a powerful character in the series.


Unleash the Power of the Dragon Slayer:


Upon initial observation, the Dragon Slayer is perceived as an impractical and rudimentary weapon. It is depicted as a “pile of unrefined iron,” its considerable size renders it nearly unmanageable for anyone besides Guts. With a weight of approximately 400 pounds, it is an intimidating weapon that necessitates substantial strength and expertise to wield proficiently.


Unleash the Power of Dragon Slayer with Berserk's Mighty Iron Sword - The Origin! 3


The Dragon Slayer in the Berserk universe has a crude appearance but holds deep symbolism. It represents Guts’ unwavering determination and willingness to use a seemingly worthless weapon. The sword’s immense size and weight reflect Guts’ burdens and challenges. It symbolizes his strength and reminds him of the toll his relentless pursuit of vengeance takes on him.




The Dragon Slayer symbolizes revenge and determination for its wielder, Gut. Originally a worthless piece of iron, a humble blacksmith transformed it into a legendary weapon. Its size and weight mirror the obstacles Gut faces in his physical and emotional battles. As Gut progresses, the Dragon Slayer constantly reminds him of his strength and sacrifices in his quest for vengeance.


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